Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I went to the Humane Society thinking I wasn't going to find anything. I'd looked online the night before, and several times before as well (just out of misery and curiosity) and found dogs in Alabama and Jacksonville, but nothing in Santa Rosa County or Escambia, which is close to me. The house just felt depressing and missing of doggy sounds after Akasha died. I thought I may as well look. If God wanted us to have a dog... he'd show us the right one. If not, so be it.

We all got there and signed in and began looking at the available dogs they had. I walked slowly, up and down four different times, stopping to greet different dogs but none really felt like my dog. The volunteer asked if we wanted to look at puppies. I shrugged my shoulders and told her "OK" but knew I really didn't want a puppy. She led us out of the adult dog kennel and laying there, blocking the entrance was my Angel. She had just gone on a walk and plopped herself down to cool off. I could not believe my eyes! That was MY DOG... RIGHT THERE!

I laid claim to her immediately then took her out to play, getting to know her. Later I found out that she has been there since January. Someone tied her to a tree, leaving her newborn puppies in a dresser drawer along with the father, who was also tied to a tree. All her puppies were adopted, but no one wanted Angel. No problem. She's wanted here.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013


I was on the way out of the SPCA when this girl was flopped on the floor blocking my path. I took one look at her and sucked in a giant gulp of air. THAT DOG WAS MY GIRL. I just felt like she belonged with me. Her name is Angel. I could not get her home fast enough.