Sunday, October 11, 2020

Created with a plan and a purpose...

So many Bible verses come to mind when I painted this for a mother of ten children, and a labor and delivery nurse. Bottom line, babies are precious. Their lives are precious, in and out of the womb. 


Lazy Octopus

 Why is that a LAZY SUSAN? No. It is a LAZY OCTOPUS.

Show Off

 Admittedly,  this cocky bird has always been intimidating for me to paint, and I nearly erased my sketch and went for a mermaid instead. 

I have an art show  at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens next year in March ( unless Covid changes that). My biggest challenge is to get enough nature paintings painted. I have plenty WITH nature... but are more like stories and don't quite have the right vibe. My birds always have crowns, which is already prolly pushing it. 

Anyhow, here is my show off peacock. He's got feathered attendants to boss around in there as well.

You Are Not Alone

Underneath all those waves, in the deep of it, was a will greater than any force in me.

And yet I rode it out, and you will too.

Hand Painted Cabinet

 I bought this cabinet three days ago and tried to have it ready for the Smithfield Autumn Arts Festival yesterday. I was able to get three sides painted, but just couldn't pull off getting the whole thing done in time. 

I finished around 1pm today, happy as a clam that it was finished.